How is the Chinese New Year celebrated?

The Chinese New Year is celebrated on the 10th day of February each year.

This is the time when people in China celebrate their new year, which is celebrated in many ways and acts of kindness. This is the most celebrated festival in China after Christmas.


Unlike other festivals and holidays, the Chinese New Year is celebrated differently in China, and around the world, hence the reason why it is fantastic!  Celebrating the Chinese New Year does not require wealth, because everything is done in moderation and according to what one can afford.  Here are a few ways on how the Chinese New Year is celebrated both in China and in other countries:

Decorations are highly valued in the Chinese culture, and are the first signs of celebrations. The main decorations are done inside the house, where wall hangings and other beautiful materials are placed to make the house look beautiful. In addition to this, doors and windows can be painted in red, which is mostly considered to be the color of luck. It is due to this reason why you will find most houses painted in red to attract blessings into the year. In addition to this houses should be cleaned on the eve of the year, and be left that way for a few more days into the year. Sweeping the house on the first day of the New Year, and the two following days is not recommended because the Chinese believe that you will be sweeping away any good luck that could have been coming your way.

The other most important way to celebrate New Year the Chinese way is by inviting family and friends to celebrate the occasion together.  The family members then spend a quality time in the New Year preparing Jiaozi (dumplings) to share with everyone. It is considered a blessing having family together when the year starts, because it brings in unity and strengthens family ties. Sharing of lucky money as it is called in China is a popular tradition. This money is mainly placed in red bags as a sign of good luck within the year.

Local food is highly valued, and has to be very well cooked during this occasion. In this time, chefs and persons who understand how the food should be cooked take over the kitchens to prepare food for the family. In this way, the family and friends together with invited persons to share fortune. This food has to be served in a symbolic manner for luck and fortune within the year.  It is also known as a ‘tray of togetherness’ that brings luck to all people.

Chinese music is ongoing during the celebrations and events. It is fun to watch people dance and celebrate the New Year in style, especially in the local towns.  Although the New Year is celebrated highly in China, the Chinese all over the world also celebrate the event in an almost similar way, with large festivals held in Australia, America and across Europe.

James Groeneveld & Team win recent race!

James Groeneveld has recently won the US Intercollegiate Rowing Championship on Lake Natoma in California on Sunday 2nd June.

His team (Harvard Lightweight Coxed 4) has had a very successful season at Harvard!

There were many other Australians competing throughout the year with great results. For more information, see this article featuring James Groeneveld.

James Groeneveld on Rowing

Seeing all those rowers in sync, you can understand why it is probably the ultimate team sport. You really do need to have a sense of team spirit as well as being physically strong to be in this game. To keep that boat moving takes more than just strength.

Rowing is a great form of exercise. It has many health benefits, as well as seeing the rivers & ocean it gives you great rigorous workout. The world of competitive rowing is also a team sport and a great way to meet people, even raising money for good causes. James Groeneveld from Brisbane, Australia did just that. As a rower at Harvard University he raised money for many good causes and was often noted for his generosity as well as being a success in the Harvard Rowing Team.

Rowing is worth considering as a sport for beginners, and has many health benefits.

You might have already used a rowing machine in the gym so probably understand a little of the power and motion involved in rowing. But real rowing is something completely different. It is so much more than physical rowing. You are out in the sea, doing what people have been doing for centuries.

James Groeneveld is a Harvard rower.